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SINCE 1996


About Us

We have been serving the Middle Tennessee area for more than 20 years, offering services in clearing land, installing underground utilities (water, sewer, and electric), grading, and on-site rock crushing. We are a local family-owned business who appreciates this community and loves to see it thriving. We take pride in our company and our name, making sure when you hear Duggin Construction it is always positive feedback. This started as a father and son duo that as turned into a full family business. And you will not find us in the office, we are out in the field making sure that we are always giving the highest quality of work. Thank you for trusting us with your developments since 1997! We look forward to many more years working together to serve this community. 

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Diggers on Construction Site


Duggin Construction was established in 1997 by father and son, James and Aaron Duggin. They have both dedicated their lives to the industry and their community. The company's main business has been developing subdivisions by clearing the land, installing underground utilities (water, sewer, and electric), grading and crushing rock on-site. The company has  completed hundreds of projects for their community. 


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On-Site Rock Crushing

We offer rock crushing as a standalone job, or inside an existing project. With our mobile rock crusher, we can produce the rock needed to complete your job without the middleman. We are committed to making your project as convenient and cost saving as possible. 

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We have provided quality excavating in Middle Tennessee area since 1997. This has been a part of our business since the very beginning. It is our expertise. We use the best equipment with highly skilled workers to ensure the best product for your project. 

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Excavator Tractor


Our grading is done with precision and efficiency. With more than 20 years of experience you can guarantee that our grading has been perfected for the finest foundation to build upon. We use only the best equipment and use drone software to make sure we have a precise amount of fill for efficiency and cost savings. 


We offer water, underground electric, and sewer utility installation. We take pride in having some of the best pipe crews around. They are great teams which make efficiency a breeze. And with our long-standing relationship with suppliers in the area you can be sure to get the best prices. 

A 10 yard dump truck dumps its load of rock and soil on a new road construction


We specialize in hauling construction debris, material, equipment pieces, and rock. As with other services we offer hauling to help ease the burden on our clients. We make sure each process is as easy as possible for you. And as always, we make sure to be efficient and save you money. 


We are now a licensed distributor, installer, and service provider of Singular Green Wastewater. If you have land without a perk site, we can help! We are the only licensed distributors of the Singular Green Wastewater System, providing you with a solution for your rocky project.

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